Bad days in life. No deaths please, or any one getting hurt. Something you can laugh about now.

    What was your worst day of your life that you can laugh about now? Don't include any deaths, just having a real bad day. I'll bet you can't beat mine.

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    I fell out of a 4 story window.Broke my back.was paralyzed waist down.And all I thought about I wouldn't play major leauge baseball.

    papa peg

    Yep that was 43 years ago.

    whatashame whatasham

    papa peg, please tell me you are alright now. Please!

    whatashame whatasham

    I gave you a tumbs up, not because you fell but because your better.

    I had 2 flat tires on brand new tires, got stopped by State Troopers, recieved 9 tickets,( 1 for diving on a spare front tire, 2nd for driving car with spare tire in back.) That's right, I got 2 tickets for driving my car using spare tires, and 7 other things. When I finaly got home, I opened my basement door and all the pipes were broke because a 325.00 dollar control shorted out due to a tiny leak you could barely see spaying on it. The basement looked like a rain forrest. Go up the steps I could hear my wife crying, so I said," everything is all right now, I turned off the water" She said " it's not that, did you see the car?" So I went back to the garage and saw that she wrecked the car. That's right, 2 flat tires, 9 tickets, pipes all burst, heater broke, and a wrecked car all in the same day. True, all true. Well let's hear yours.

    papa peg

    I think that could be a guinnes world record.

    papa peg

    Well I'll catch you tomorrow.Gotta go to Church.

    whatashame whatasham

    And there is so much I haven't said, like it takes 2 hrs. to change a flat on an ISUS Trooper ,defective lug studs, sould have been a recall. I worked 62 miles from home and was out of the house at 4:30am.Did not get to work until 1:30 pm and home at 7:30pm. Long,long day, and no money.

    whatashame whatasham

    Now you now know why I call myself, "Whatashame Whatashame".

    ed shank

    I would have bought a rope and hung myself.

    It was Miller time after all that crap, right?

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