The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit, or the Whole Spirit? as in ONE. Anyone? I'm still waiting. Just asking what you think about this explaination, nothing more.

    This was told to me to help explain ,The Father,Son,and Holy Ghost/Spirit. Imagine a cloud,hugh, as far as you can imagine, ok? Now, the cloud is God, (or call it what you want so this doesn't offend you). What makes up a cloud, rain drops, ok, drops of water, ok? What keeps the drops of water in the cloud? This would be The Holy Spirit. Now when you are at the bottom of a mountain, looking up,we said when we were heading to the mountains, "It sure looks cloudy at the top of the mountain". We would then get to the top and say: "It sure looks cloudy down there,it's sunny up here"."What happened to the clouds?" You must see what I'm trying to point out. You can be in the cloud and not know it or deny being in the cloud. That doesn't make the cloud not exist,does it? You are a rain drop. Since the cloud is as far as you can imagine, there is no where else you can be. Well tell me what you think.

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    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three separate entities comprising the God Head.

    The government has three main branches the Executive, which includes the President etc. The Legislative, that includes the Congress and Senate. Last but not Least the Judicial branch, which includes the Court System. All of these are government, they work together usually, ha ha. But each one is separate as well. Part of the same thing, they carry out different functions of government.

    Man is also made in Gods image three parts Mind, Body, and Spirit. Just as the body has certain parts that do different jobs, the hands carry out the physical tasks of work they respond to your mind and if burned will send communication back to the brain, in a split second the brain will tell your hand to pull away from what's burning the hand. Part of the same body, but separate from one another.

    Anyway I could go on and on, but don't want to make the answer to long.

    This is not a decription of your God. This is only a way, and only one way to help a person understand the three in ONE . Here's another way . I have lamps in my house and so do you, I,m sure your not living in the dark. Moving on, If you live on the west coast and I'm on the east coast and everyone else is all over the U.S.of A. Most beleive or (just don't know or even gives it a thought),that all the lamps are connected with the same electricity. The whole U.S.of A.(all power plants), would be God. All the lamps would be considered The Son. The electricity would be The Holy Spirit/Ghost, which connects The Sons to The Father. I am not saying this is a decription of anyone's God, just how three can be the same as ONE. Adding to this, most don't understand or care to know this part, but every time someones turns on a lamp it effects all the other lamps. So when someone attacks another one, it effects all the people of the Whole U.S.of A. Now you can argue this,fight over this, deny that electric..y exist, believing your lamps are powered by something else or by nothing else, but what is true does not change. Tell me what you think. I'm only passing on a way told to me so I could have a better understanding of the 3 in ONE everybody fights over.



    Even simpler: water (Father) + flavoring (Son) + sugar (Holy Spirit)= kool-aid (Christian religion). Dink up : )

    whatashame whatasham

    Can't see it. Where's the power or energy? Again, talking about what I wrote, good,bad, up, down, makes no sense, does make sense?

    Hello spiritual seekers

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    Laurie Bean

    The father,son and holy ghost are all one. I will borrow this from someone.....You are 1....u have a mind...u have a body....even after u have these...u are still 1

    whatashame whatasham

    Not asking about what you would like to write or tell me about your God. What did you think about what I wrote as a question? Like, don't like, I now have a better understanding, I have no idea what any of that means, tumbs up,or thumds down, good try, bad try?

    The Bible says that the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily in Jesus. They are the same, not separate or distinct,just different attributes of God. The Bible declares that Jesus wad God in the flesh (Emmanuel God with us)The Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Last but not least Jesus said if You've seen me you have seen the Father, I and my Father are one, Unless you believe I am He you shall die in your sins

    whatashame whatasham

    Yes, no, to the question asked? Good ,bad, helps, doesn't help. That's all I'm asking.

    whatashame whatasham

    I have no idea what any of that means, just so you know.

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