after stroke

    can i walk again

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    My dad did. He suffered several strokes, his left side was very weak but his perseverance through exercise he was able to regain 80% of is motor control. He didn't pass on due to strokes either.

    if you want to , you will. most likely

    In strokes it is according to how bad the stroke was and how quickly you got the right medical attention that makes a tremendous difference and also good rehap. Good luck and God Bless....


    Depends on the amount of brain damage. Most can with a change of diet, and a lot of work to retrain the body again.

    It depends on what part of the brain and how much of the brain was affected by your stroke wez. Rehab won't be easy so get as much help as you need and stay strong and forge ahead and remember that we all believe in you. Keep us up to date on your progress buddy!

    my mother had many strokes and after the firs one i did not think mum would recover but she did and regaindher life almost to the same level as be for the stroke. she many more and each time lost alitle bit but lived for another 11 years befor she pased awayat the age of 85 . i found that mum had trouble finding the right word some time and i soon learnt to find the word she was looking for she may say the name of a place but it was not the place she ment so i would think what place could she meen and iwould give her a clue some names of places that could fit a similart location .i think that many can recover and have a full filling life after a stroke or many strokes.just be thweir for them and taake it slow as their brain starts to repair and find other paths to do the things as before. remember there are many ways around in the brain and it is just a mater of time to find the way just like the www.

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