ok why do people like to kill people for what they have and owen for there lifes?

    hurt hit and other things like take what they have (that is really very very sad thoses people should stay in jail or do what police tell them to do,) thanks)

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    Rephrase the question, I almost got it...

    I agree Angel, these people are not good people, they should be locked up for life, problem is there's too many bad people like this and our USA prisons are full of them so what should we do?? Kill them?? What we need to do is fix the problem and reason why they do these terrible things.  In the future, I believe there will be a cure for violence, and violence will not be the cure.. I believe that there will be a medical fix that this bad brain cell can be destroyed and these people can live life in peace with the world and themselves.. it's coming!! Meanwhile, we must keep them in jail and in some places, they execute them. 

    It's fun, fun.

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