vehicle mileage calculations

    how do you calculate how mnany miles a vehicle gets per gallon of gas

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    if you want more miles per gallon then read my post, ''old car fastest get away'' Rushie54

    fill your car up and record how many litres you put in. put a gallon in the boot for when you run out, check you car book to tell you what the tank capacity is, including the reserve. so lets say the tank holds 70 ltrs. and you fill it up. now drive till you run out. lets say that 70 ltrs drives you 420 miles. divide 420 by 70 = 6 miles per litre. now times that by 4.5 = 27 miles per gallon. there are 4.5 litres to a gallon. I hope that helps. Rushie


    Reasonable answer Rushie but you confused the issue with car holding litres and carrying a "gallon" what are we talking here litres or gallons Easy way: fill tank on level petrol station.Drive fair distance eg 400 km or miles depending on what is used as measure in your neck of the woods. Fill up again divide distance travelled by fuel needed to fill equals miles/ litres per gallon/litre

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