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    where is speedometer odometer sensor located on 2000 Dodge Caravan

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    This is the closest I could find for your question.

    1) there is a speed sensor on your transmission, probably about 15 bucks, and easy to replace, try there, It is mounted on the side of the transmission.


    2) Where is the output speed sensor at on a 2000 Dodge Caravan
    Look on the front of the trans, toward the left front wheel. It is black, has two wires going to it, and if you have found the right item, there will be another, in a horizontal line toward the engine, near the cooler lines.

    I hope this helps.

    What is it your asking about ~ a vehicle speed sensor or a speedometer sensor??.I'm assuming then your speedometer is not cable driven but electronic so in that case the sensor will definetly on the gearbox.Unfortunetly there will be several electrical connections to your gearbox especially if it's automatic.Look for an electrical connection with two wires coming from it,now this will either be your speed sensor or the switch for the reversing lights.Disconnect them,turn the ignition on but start engine put car in reverse.Your reversing lights come on as usual then must be speed sensor if lights dont come on then theres another two wire plug on the gearbox that has to be it

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