why don't aldults think it's alright for kids too understand and give their point of view? (COLLEEN!?)

    the reason i put colleen on the end cause she's making me and all other kids feel uncomfortable about expressing there point of view.

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    i meant adults

    Colleen, sorry about that I was very tired and angry.
    I hope things will be okay. :)

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    Colleen answers a lot of questions & she is quite right to criticise the number that are asked for the sake of it, but young people are welcome to ask sensible questions.

    I also think that if they do, they deserve polite answers not, PEOPLELOVER, a lecture on why you know more than a teenager. No doubt you do, but that is neither answering the question nor any encouragement to ask more.

    My only suggestion to Katie is that she reads her question carefully before she posts it and makes sure she has begun with a capital letter and spelled the words correctly, and I think she probably would have if she hadn't fired it off in a temper.

    I understand why Katie did that. Colleen is right to slap down the "silly" questions, but I've seen some, probably when she's offline because she always does try to help, that have either no answer or very dismissive ones: even fun made of them.

    For those I apologise to Katie, & the others, on behalf of all the members who do give help, often returning to a question until the person who asks responds... if they do. Sadly too many don't so we never know if our time was well spent.

    Katie, will you answer?
    I do not have an issue with kids expressing their point of view as long as it comes across as mature and not smartazzy. I have a problem with kids asking dumb questions just to ask a question. Please point out to me where I had an issue with any one of your comments that was a sound comment. What you took offense to was me asking, "don't these kids have parents?". The fact you took offense to that tells me you are not mature enough for an adult forum. Calling me out and acting like I'm abusing kids on this forum is also showing your immaturity. Please find one really horrible mean thing I said to you or any other child who does not belong on an adult forum.

    Ok, Colleen I am very sorry but it's not just an adults forum because otherwise they wouldn't let kids under 12 join. Okay I agree that I shouldn't be looking at what i have looked but I am sorry and will try to only view what is appropriate.

    They tried to stop kids from joining but kids lie about their ages. This is a new format and the rules haven't been posted yet. That's why I'm here : ) Thank you for trying to be mature about it all and understanding what is appropriate for your age group.
    Well katie I am a 79 yr old man, yes I am a dinasour to you,but if you think for one micro second that I , and others like me don`t know a damn sight more than you or any of your friends you are sadly mistaken. As far as "knowing it all there is not one person on the 3rd dot from the sun that knows it all" As you grow amd mature you will come to understand that your life is a continuous learning curve, I know more today than I did yesterday. Tomorrow hopefully I will know more than I do today. I have children, grand children and great grand children and I am proud to say all of them ask me about things, why? because I have been here since 1932. Learn a little each day and include politness and humilit.y in the mix. I have purposely used words you may not fully understand. Ask and adult for the explanation, after all they "know everything"
    what age kids?

    9-12 year olds should not be allowed on the internet without parental supervision.
    Depends on the question. Some topics are not appropriate for children. P.S.- Sometimes, because of poor spelling, it's hard for us to determine exactly what the question is. Please spell check before posting (this goes for adults too).

    k, eye well tri :o)

    well i do guess your right i just don't like the way adults think they know everything.

    adults will always know more than children. accept that and stop fighting it. Eventually you will be an adult too and you will have kids yelling at you for thinking you know everything.
    Grit Savage

    the immaturity and lack of knowledge, wisdom and experience just shines out of you katie.
    your statement of "i just don't like the way adults think they know everything" just says it all! ;-)

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