why there is so much misery in the world and we are not even able to say stop to rebel against the corrupt government? we fessons nothing to make a change? has your too scared? we're idiots or selfish? who wants to answer?

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    If you are depending on the government for your happiness you will not be happy. You have to survive in whatever society you live in. If you think you have it bad here, and I am assuming you live in the USA, Just look at the news as to what's happening in the rest of the world. It's up to you to make the best of what you have. Grow up, get an education and look to help yourself.

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    Because too many people are out for ME ME ME

    we have the power over our thoughts, open the doorway to allow thoughts of of joy and abundance to enter, excluding those of negativity& despair


    we the people voted the dummies in

    we the people voted them in

    Because of the natural traits of the human race. We are naturally power-seeking and greedy (the government) and we, the people who voted the government in, look to people who we think will support us. When we have bad judgement, we take the consequences. The misery is coming from the corrupt powers that rule over the common people, but really, there is nothing we can do to change how these rulers to operate. We can combat the misery by uniting together and finding a way to change!
    Cheesy but true.


    I just reread my post. OMG soooooo cheesey. ignore me.

    The only things that rule this world are the forces of love and negativity. It's a battle of conscience. God is all energy. Good and Evil are constructs of the mind.

    Peaceful rebellion is the only way. If you want to make a difference, then stop getting angry, and accept how things are.. then, look inward and find the secrets that are locked away within your auric field. Anger breeds action, but actions alone won't change anything, only perpetuate negative forces, and validate their presence.. therefore, divine love is the only answer. Look at what John Lennon did, he did nothing violent, but he made a big difference. With a song he free'd a man from jail. With a song.. think. Much love =]

    Remember who rules the world, and it is Not God.

    The Government is structured on rules and regulations...taxes to help fuel an econmy and rebeling against the government is what has caused the economic downfall, and the countless lifes of firefighers, police, military and city offcials..rebelling is wrong and should not be tolerated, the government is there to protect us and not hurt us..


    those are noble and narrow minded thoughts,train the mind to expand, remember it was once said, nothing will replace the horse.

    I always wanted to change the world ,got involved in youth movements (When I was younger )Now Im a lott viser If you want to change the world you have to change you self .Make it work for you ,the old saying cant beat them join them it works .

    We are all really selfish, and too ignorant to know how to love one another.

    Griselda again. The body of my response didn't get through (and I had so much to say!) Forgive me. I'm new at this

     I guess it's always been easier to opt from the world's (and our own personal) problems by taking short-term solutions - TV, a cold beer, a snack-break, listening to music, even taking a bracing walk (and what's wrong with that?).  Big problems, however, ultimately need to be chewed over with good people, maybe people who've read or thought more than we've found time for. Plus being selective about our TViewing - there's good stuff to be had on public service TV for instance.  It's out there if you go looking for it. I guess that's what they mean when they say if you want to change the world, start at home. We could suprise ourselves. You've made the right start by caring.  Passionately.

    We need to stand up to this goverment otherwise there will be civil war. Out with cons

    power, ignorance and greed!!!

    Ignorance and greed!!!

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