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    I'm 38 never married,do you think the oddds are against or for me to ever be married?

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    I'm 69 years old. I've been married for 47 years. I love my wife and family very much. But marriage is not for everybody. So many marriages end in devorce today, with the children taking the brunt of the split. If you want to marry. Go into it with the idea that it is for the rest of your life. If you don't like that idea, don't marry. Good luck!!

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    Never to old. Stop looking if you are. And if your not don't start. The right one will show up when and where you least expect it. A bit of advise, if you find that special person introduce them to your family and friends. Humans have a tendency to become "Love stupid", if you get any negative feedback pay attention, their probably right, but your to love stupid to see it. Good luck.

    my friend "saved herself for marriage"... but did not get married until her mid 30's. The sex is not as big of a deal as sharing your life with some one... your home, you routine... It has been difficult. But they keep working at it. Be sure you are wanting to be completely open and acsept that this person will not do things the way you do. And you will not change them.

    It is never too late to find the right person but you have to go into any relationships without the rose colored glasses so to speak. Take things slowly and do not have the attitutude that so many have today if it does not work out well I will just get out and move on. It takes 2 people caring, loving and each one being trusting, respectful and courteous to one another and each person has to give more than 50% all the time. Never give up it is never too late. Just do not jump first and regret later and never ever go into a relationship thinking that you can change someone. It is true that people can change, but it has to be their decision, I do not care how much you love and care for someone you can never change them that is a pit fall too many fall for and it is ultimately up to each one of us to want to change for the better.

    I got married when I was 35. Wife was 37. I'm 55 now and still married. Came close to pulling the plug a few times but overall I'm happier being married than not. You'll find someone. Good luck.

    I was married at 44.Im 58 now and will be looking again after Divorce.

    Don't concentrate on getting married. Every time you meet someone new don't think, Hmm, could I spend the rest of my life with them....? Just focus on enjoying your relationships and when the right person comes along you will know.
    As for you chances, plenty of people don't get married till old age and still enjoy married life. If you don't meet anyone in the next few years, that doesn't decrease your chances of getting married.

    if you want to get married....focus on that...if you don't want to get married...focus on your own internal peace and happiness...but at 38 you are still very young and have your life to live any way you want.

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