Is there gold in Ft. Knox?

    What do U think?

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    MAYBE .... MAYBE NOT ....

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    looks like a scene from " Goldfinger "

    LoL Oh that song is in my head now! LoL >

    I don't think so, at one time there was before Obama took office.. (joking) I think its been dry for years. We're in a recession, we have a very large deficit, more going than coming.. How could we be hording gold? At one time, this powerful nation was also the wealthiest, all we have now is monuments to the wealth we once had, Ft Knox is one of these monuments. Perhaps we should listen to the old timers to find out the secret to holding onto the wealth, obviously their offspring have no idea. Once upon a time, here in America there was no left or right, there was no fighting amongst its peoples.

    In 1957, Nikita Kruschev said that the USA would be taken over without a shot fired, we all thought he was speaking of the communist Russia (USSR) taking us over, little did we know at the time what he really meant was we would be taken over by our own people.. Kidding? I don't think so, look around you..


    We owe China 8 billion dollars :-\

    ....yes, some.

    Is the Pope a Catholic?

    Do bears poop in the woods?


    ... more importantly ... do they use bunnies for toilet paper?

    Does the pope have lips?

    Yes, the Pope has two lips and four cheeks. His wife has four of each.

    LoL! The Pope sounds cheeky ... and his wife? LOLOL

    Not according to the stories and rumors I've heard. FDR (or was it Teddy?) depleted the gold to pay off Mexico for something. I believe there were bandits envoled. I'll have to ask the story teller for his facts again....

    there's gold in them thar hills !! 

    They sent it china  to pay  the governments  debt to them

    of course there is, maybe even better than gold, why else would it be the worlds most secure vault ;)

    I don't think there is. Our government lies to the citizens all the time.

    Like Goldfinger?
    Yes, Don't you watch to movies.


    And how do U know that juanton, did the government tell U this?

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