Chaz Bono/part two

    For many reasons , that person is only a human being, the transformation posiblly pose a problem for , Chaz 's health, and also to others.I personaly am not against it , but as a person 's body can change the body can make some of it's own changes without our control. My opinion,please read very carefully,I am a very opstomistic person. Best wishes

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    Read back on your first comment about Chaz. You blew any kind of respect you could get here then.

    Are you a doctor to make the call that this surgery can pose a health problem for Chaz? And what do you mean and others also? Others in Chaz's life?

    I think you need to drop all this because you are by no means an open minded person or as a you say an optimistic person. You are trying to find excuses to down another person because of their own personal choice as to how to live their life. Take care of your own backyard, stop looking into others and wrinkling your nose.

    My opinion.


    Oh, give it up Raichel.andy.....

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