Sign of the Times?

    Why is is that people always blame others instead of taking responsibility themselves?

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    Lack of courage, respect and love. Futhermore, such have little regard for themselves.

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    Agree with Rick and Coach, ANOTHER PROBLEM is that, in order for some people to feel good about themselves, they put others down. Yet still another is that we have a much higher opinion of ourselves in our own heads, it hard for us to realize that we did the wrong thing, so we justify our actions by blaming others, that way we can still think that we are good people, at least in our own heads.

    Yet one of the biggest problems facing the youth of today is lack of parental skills among the parents, or parent. Coming from a broken household with one parent most of the time, who is working, there's no guidance for these kids.


    You got that right leeroy...much of the time in school the answer to "Who's your daddy" is ME!


    to some people "happiness is contemplating the misury of others"

    Good question vet, TU. I see it all of the time as a middle school teacher. Many kids aren't being held accountable for their actions...not by their parents, their friends or by society. We are teaching them to blame others for our problems...the government, the media, global warming, and yes even God. Anything that we can transfer the blame to, we will so that we don't have to carry it ourselves. It's time to step up, assume our own responsibilities and teach the next generation to do the same. Again, nice question!

    it seems like its not anything new at all. adam blamed god in the garden of eden "the woman you gave me...." then eve in turn blamed satan "the serpant deceived me...,its definatly in our nature if you dont like my answer ill blame it on vetran01 for asking this question!

    Because I can do know wrong, is what most think in this self centered world.

    In our Society it is always easier to blame other people 4 our failings. 4 instance: It is McDonald's fault because I'm fat. What really galls me is this. Companies agree to pay millions&millions but they won't admit any wrongdoing, my question is why did they pay then?


    I'm with you on the extreme issues that people blame their parents for but on the other hand, parents have a HUGE hand in who you are. You grow up seeing how they interact and learn from their actions. If your parents dealt with problems in a forceful, aggressive way you're most likely to do the same and it can be extremely difficult to change your ways, especially when you grow up not knowing any better.


    I'm with you Col. I have a cousin doing time for dealing coke. He's 47 and still claims that it was his parents fault.



    How about, "It's my parents fault I turned into a killer. They abused me when I was a child." At some point in adulthood, one needs to stop blaming others for their actions and know only they can make the decision to put a thought into action. No one can make another do anything unless of course they have a gun pointed at their head.

    Generally because it is easier to blame others than to take a good hard look in the mirror.

    A lack of character, morality and integrity. The ability to "Man-up" and correct a wrong brings with it respect. Unfortunately this negative mindset seems to be handed down from one generation to the next.

    Thumbs up on the question Vet, It really does seem like the world is becoming a more wicked place each day. I personally believe that the moral decline of our society play an extensive roll in this matter.

    The less you have God in our society, the less people care about doing right over wrong. Every generation that see's a new generation mentions the same thing. I've had teachers tell me that the kids seem to get more badly behaved ever year. It's really the parents responsibility to teach their children well.

    When you spare the rod, you spoil the child, a parent who loves their child, will punish their child. Broken homes plays a huge role in this as well, if the parent is always working, than the kids can get away with much more.

    It seems to be a sign of the times and I don't know why?

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