Daylight Savings Time

    Good or bad, what do U think?

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    As for me I do not care which one they leave it at, but I do wish they would leave it at one time or the other and not have time change.

    it's a good thing to me, i can come back home before the sun sets

    I think it's a good thing, It gives us longer evenings in the summer when the daylight stays with us more hours. However it makes sense to go back to standard time in the fall and winter so children don't have to walk to school in the dark in some parts of the country. The notable exception being Alaska where the kids always have to walk to school in the dark in the fall and winter. I imagine even the switch to anchorage standard time from pacific standard time (turned back the clocks yet another hour in the 'panhandle') has only shortened the time the kids must walk in the dark. Sorry for such a long winded answer to such a short winded question; it's been a long time since 'ask jeeves'

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