Questions asked over&over again

    I'm tired of hearing these, aren't U?

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    Very. Same questions, different wording.

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    Maybe I don't understand how to operate this site and I'm on the wrong section but only after about a week of being here, I am really tired of seeing the religious posts, anti-religion and pro-religion. Maybe like I said, I haven't learned how to get around here..

    Yeah vet, the problem is new users don't know how to use the site and or don't do a search, sometime people are just trying to gain karma points. I saw a goodbye to Raider question then, three minutes later someone else asked the same question, just worded it a little differently.

    Maybe it was just a mistake, but It stayed up for sometime, I think if it was a mistake, once you saw the duplicate question, you would close yours out out of courtesy for whoever asked first? That's where you guess it's about karma and not the question.


    It was a mistake on my part that day about Raider, I really don't give a damn about karma or points.


    leeroy just have it your way, Pam asked the question about the same time I did, because we love and respected Raider. But you have it YOUR way if you think I want the karma or points then KEEP THINKING IT, I could care less . AND on the other subject NO I didn't like doublehelix because he was RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, ALWAYS had a smartass answer for ALL my questions and comments. Like you said I know everyones not going to agree with me or anyone else all the time, but you can act like an adult and be RESPECTFUL. I apologize for making you angry.


    Now it's up to you. do you accept my apology or just let it go like it is, Up to you.



    It makes me wonder why, why, why....... I will miss him, really cool guy! Hope he stops by to visit us.... Take care Raider.
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    answered Mar 29 at 01:29
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    Remember that?


    You answered mine and Pams.


    I guess some people (disabled) really R in to this site, and want to help people. But they R after points as well, me I could care less.

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