Bernie Madoff

    Didn't he get what he deserved?

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    I hope so, I meat a nice old lady in West Palm Beach who had lost almost everything to his investment scam. She was to humiliated to admit what happened to her so her nurse told me the story.
    It was so devastating, she lost almost everything that she and her husband had worked all their lives to save, and bless their family with. So now the only thing their children and grandchildren will inherit is debt.

    This is just one case of the thousands and tens of thousands of people that have been effected by this terrible, conscienceless thief. If you would have seen the sad state of this woman, not only did it crush her and her family financially, but it destroyed her spirit as well. She was a shell of a once happy healthy person. What a terrible thing to do have to witness.

    Yes he got what he deserved but it was greed that fueled the scam to start with , greedy investors wanted a fast buck , he was just greedier than they were.

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