Ethanol vs Gasoline

    Should corn be used 4 energy instead of the feeding the world?

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    Why couldn't it be used for both? America could put it's farmers back to work farming instead of paying them not to farm. They could grow corn along with the other ingredients in ethanol.

    Ethanol is made from the sugars found in grains, such as corn, sorghum, and wheat, as well as potato skins, rice, and yard clippings. Ethanol is a renewable fuel because it is made from plants.

    I didn't know hemp was such a resourseful plant

    no it should be traded for oil

    Henry Ford designed his first cars to run on bio fuels, especially hemp. It took 75 years for us to get on board with him.

    I don't think the USA should spend billions of dollars every year 4 crop subsidies. Food prices throughout the world have gone up because of this.


    you speak the truth subsidies suck if the american people knew how much tax money was spent to prop up these wind turbines scattered around the contry they would burn them down

    The best agricultural crop to produce ethanol is Hemp.
    An acre of corn can produce 2 gallons of ethanol where
    as an acre of Hemp can produce 20 gallons of ethanol.

    Hemp is much more than that.By using Hemp as an industrial
    material,we can help restore the environment by replacing
    all toxic petro-chemical materials.

    If anyone wishes to have more informations about this wonderful
    agricultural crop and why humanity is not using it,contact me
    for I have a Free ebook in PDF format which is a must read for
    a complete and total understanding of this matter.


    Send the Ebook to those fools in congress!

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