World Trade Center

    Terrorists,Conspiracy, what do U think?

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    Touchy subject. Watched the WTC burn from a Postal parking lot where I worked in Jersey City that horrible day. After two hours I told my boss I was going home to be with my wife no matter WHAT he said. He let me leave. I get annoyed and dismayed when "Truthers" put their bull-sh*t out there that the 9-11 TERRORIST ATTACK was anything OTHER than a TERRORIST ATTACK. Thats why if I heard on the news tonight that a well known truther, Rosie O'Donnell, was hit by a tractor trailer and died I wouldnt bat an eye lash. :)

    Controlled demolition with cordite, direct energy scalar weapon, both more believable than planes causing 1 2 & 7 to just fall down. The cia created al-Qaeda. 1,500 architectural and engineering professionals advocate that the World Trade Center was destroyed by explosive demolition.
    Who benefited? Israel, Military, Police, TSA, DHS, CIA etc. etc...Who lost Freedoms, Blood, Money?

    They must still be laughing their butts off at how much power they've acquired and how much they've achieved, "and" how stupid people are.

    Just think of 1 & 2 did that happen? NFW... It's called common sense...try thinking for yourself and forget what the govt./media say.

    Roger Willcoe

    It's amazing how well they've been programmed. You can talk to some until your exhausted, give them facts, physics etc. and they will not wakeup. They refuse to believe gw or rummy etc. are lying. It really is amazing what they can do to a human mind.

    Roger Willcoe

    lol....I was speaking in general when I said... It's called common sense...try thinking for yourself and forget what the govt./media say.....Not you vet1


    I'm the person that posed the question. After reading extensive articles and speaking with architects and others I have come to the conclusion that it was a government conspiracy. It got the American people behind the president so we would invade Iraq&Afghanistan. Now the JFK matter could be as well. People like to believe that the government would never do anything like this (killing their own people) I just think that some R very naive.

    Do I believe influential Americans helped with 911? Yes I do.
    Touchy subject is right. I'm with TSC on this one. The implications are ridiculous. What is so hard to believe that bad people who hate us did this terrible thing. Their still trying to take down bridges blow up tunnels, is this also the work of our government? I think not. There have always been and will always be conspiracy theories about any incident, which can be twisted to suit ones agenda. Our president taking out the Pentagon, nuts.
    IT was a terrorist ATTACK pure and simple act of PURE! EVIL and murder! these bombers are just brain washed into doing these cowardly acts here and in the Middle East and we still need to fight them!GOOD men must fight EVIL or it will WIN!

    But, who were the terrorist? Just like the supposed killing of Osama and the government releasing conflicting reports they did the same with 911.
    I believe several buildings were destroyed 3000 + lost their lives, we went to war with 2 countries , untold lives gone , untold amount of money spent, because of political economic policies put in place by powerful people who has had to bear none of the pain ,agony suffered by people who otherwise would have been quite happy getting along with their lives without all this B.S. happening

    To big of a job to be a US Government conspiracy. They would not have had to do as much damage that was done to get rid of some documents or other incriminating documents. The CIA or NSA could have gone in there with impunity and done what ever the government felt need to be destroyed.

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