explain the possible impact a baby might have on family life

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    You will lose countless hours of sleep, you will give up all hobbies and habits, (good and bad). You will get a part time job to pay for pampers. You will sacrifice time with your spouse. Your in-laws will tell you you what a shitty job your doing attempting to be a parent. You will pray that you don't have twins next time around. And finally, every time you look at your child you will feel complete. When they smile for the first time after you've made a silly face, you will remember that smile forever. You have now become a parent who's primary responsibility in life is to see to it that you raise a good, decent human being. The love you put into a child will eventually come back many fold. I wish you the best.



    Having a baby changes your life forever.  Think about it....You're now responsible for a life.  And that is huge!


    Baby                                     ---                             Family Life

    Make a choice. LOL they do change your life.

    any longer answers?


    no it will add to it and maybe you will think of the good things that it brings to your life forever !!!

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