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    What's the best way to teach a dog not to chase moving vehicles ?strong text

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    Put the dog on a lead, hold the lead and as vehicles approach tell the dog to "stay" at the same time giving the dog a treat. Pat and praise. Do this for as long as it takes< not more than 10 minutes at any one time, until dog loses interest in cars etc. Then carry out same exercise without the lead but still reward. Eventualy you can stop the reward. It is important to offer treat befor dog gets distracted by car. Let me know how you go.

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    Hang a piece of dowling from the collar so its sitting vertically about where the knees of the dog would be. sit with dog and hold the dowling and when a car comes tell the dog to get it and let him run with the dowling dangling. The dog will trip and fall, go get him and wait for the next car when the dog gets the idea that every time he goes for the car he will fall he will stop . This takes a while but it will work if you put in the time.

    I wish I had a good answer for you, by the way what about good cat training?

    Keeping it on a leash is a good way.

    Keep it on a leash.

    Take dog for ride in car on highway. Hold speed steady at 70. Open car door. Throw out squeak toy.


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    Don't take this advice, it would destroy the squeak toy.

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