for good men to do evil things there must be religion

    saw this as a bumper sticker on a car ,nearly 2 years ago . its seems to sum up exactly how religion works on people.............your thoughts would be interesting

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    It's a pretty good philosophy.. deception could be another replacement for religion, or anything that relates. Words can be pretty dicey :] or culture, tradition.. routine.. they all share some common attributes. :]

    Some believe "vengeance is mine" means that to be one of gods own you are obliged to do acts of vengeance against the ungodly so as to prove your worthiness to enter heaven. Of course for there to be a reason for vengeance one must judge a.k.a. justify your act of vengeance. Confuse all that with a system of beliefs and denial and anything can happen and does.

    I do not believe good men do evil things. Yes we all make mistakes. That statement, to me at least, contradicts it self. Men who do evil things are mental sick and care for no one but themselves.

    Men who do evil things are mental sick and care for no one but themselves.

    This is untrue. People who do wrong are swayed by negative energy, it's like becoming a product of chaos and fear. Chaos exists in your psychological fear because of the randomness, it causes a detachment from your true self, and your true environment, and your true understanding.. in other words, when good men do evil things it's because they are not themselves when they do them.

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