Web Md./which organ in the human body controls body temperature

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       There are a number of different organs in the body that control body temperature. The main organ is the Hypothalamus in your brain. This center is located just above the brain stem and secretes hormones that help regulate body temperature. It is this part of your body that orchestrates the many functions that help to control body temperature. All of the autonomic responses of our bodies are controlled by the hypothalamus. It processes the sensory input that the body receives and passes it to the correct area of the brain and body for action. It is this part of your brain that allows you to feel both hot and cold. The skin also plays a major role in keeping the body temperature stable. When you are feeling hot, blood is directed to the capillaries (tiny veins) close to the surface of your skin. Here the blood is cooled down by the surrounding temperature. When the body is cold, the blood is directed away for the small surface capillaries to avoid losing unnecessary heat through the skin.

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