What is a private placement program?

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    Private Placing program refers to Private Placing Trading. It's a popular option in the investment market, *supposedly* earning good returns for investors and brokers. One basically invests in the trading of bonds, stocks, etc. made by specialized investment bankers and trades. These programs are not registered by the Security and Exchange Commission, but they are monitored by them. Many are risky, or even outright scams, incurring high losses for investors.
    Private Placement Programs use leveraged funds - $100 million will allow for $1 billion of trading. This can get returns in excess of 150% per month over 40 weeks or 1 year. It is difficult to find the right program so you should always make sure there are no upfront fees, your funds remain in your account and cannot be accessed by the trader. After completing a customer information sheet always try to arrange a meeting with the trader at their bank and ensure your funds are completely safe. Please email if you have any other questions.

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