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    I have a friend who is having trouble with the bank of america mortgage company and he has a fixed va loan. He has been trying to pay what he owes but they keep changing the amount and when he sends in the money they send it back. I would like to know what he can do about this so he does not lose the house.

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    One question. Is your loan fixed? If it is, walk into the bank, write the check with your statement in hand. If you missed a payment, they may be charging you a penalty as that would increase or change your payment. Otherwise, complain to your local or state authorities responsible for real estate loans in your area. If you can, go to a credit union, get a new loan at a cheaper rate and screw B OF A.

    I would suggest contacting Legal Services. I know we have one in Alabama called LSA - Legal Services of Alabama and they do not charge you. Check and see if there is something like that in your state. That is where I would start.

    I would definitely recommend consulting with a lawyer and/or CPA in this case. It is most important to take the right legal steps and common people like us are usually unaware of them.

    First, BANK OF AMERICA IS A JOKE!! I've had dealings with them and had to prove them wrong.
    This person needs to document all contact with B o A, Phone calls, and all pymt records of their mailings or pymts made and all the returns of pymts, envelopes letters EVERYTHING! As for phone calls to BoA ALWAYS get the name of whom your talking to and their position or title. Then since it's the VA I would contact the VA themselves,they have advocates. The hardest thing to do is talk to someone with authority, but try this number and name Candice Minor 972 781-5455 unless the number has been changed since we burned it up with complaints. Then they can contact their U.S. Senator or Congress person for help

    I highly recommend a Credit Union over B of A, you will pay less on loans and there is low interest. I have been black balled by B of A and can't get a savings or checking account because of their penalties. They ran small checks through twice a day among other things. Many moons ago to even bother with them.

    Good luck , Bank of America doesn't work with people, they only work with numbers. To get help from them you must be *persistent

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