how can i improve my english?

    Could you please give me advice?

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    Well you certainly don't want to hang around this place, we can't even spell English here.  Well, some can spell but its not English..   It's AKAnese..

    An oldie but a goodie is "Learn a new word everyday and use it all day in every way"

    Explanation? Find a word you are not familiar with, find the meaning in the dictioary the use that word often using the various ways/ meanings you have read.

    EG: "COLOUR"  I love the colour of the sky., colour really makes life interesting, I can use that colour for my neaxt painting job, I have a favourite colour etc etc.

    By doing this you quickly become confident in you ability to convers with others.

    Don`t listen to useless jargon.

    I commend you on your endeavours and I wish there were more like you. Good luck.

    read the dictionary, read books, good book, classics. Practice what you have read.

    Buy old grammar books, grade school 4-7 grade. doesn't matter. You'll learn a lot.

    You can hunt the text books down at used book stores, ebay, and other book sites.

    Read out loud at least two half hours each day. Read one English novel from the 1850s to 1900 each week for 6 months, (26 books, such as the works of the Bronte sisters), reading as I said and silently the rest of the time. The english is far better than today's; you will develop vocabulary and pronunciation, comprehension and nuance.

    Do NOT treat yourself as a child if you are an adult. 'Reach'.

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