What was the most unusual item that you consumed as a child?

    I drank turpentine, my sister drank ant poison, my brother ate raw eggs and egg shells....

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    Your poor Mom & Dad.
    It's a wonder we survived childhood.
    Good, fun question jharlarn.
    country bumpkin


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    Poor baby.. I am tramatized for you.



    Oh lord, looks like you stole the dinner from the little pups.

    Oh Barf. If I'd had Chiangmai's alcohol, I would have swabbed out your mouth (very carefully)
    Oh dog milk .......oh ..... oh.....oh......oh......
    I'm kinda laughing.

    It goes to show you can't mess with Indiana.

    How did it taste?

    I drank a bottle of strawberry Penicillian rushed to hospital and guess what hate strawberry flavoured things and guess what allergic to Penicillain


    thanks for comment Country B I dont remember I was only 18months old! lol

    Rubbing alcohol.  My babysitter made me drink half the bowl on a hot day before she found out what it was.


    Oooooo, bad belly ache and painful gas...

    got the buzz. :)

    Bleach, it was an accident!

    Paint reducer in a beer can. I thought I'd steal another sip, this sip wasn't beer.

    My mom told me that cowboys didn't hurt themselves when they crashed through windows. When guests gathered on Thanksgiving, my mom set out the crystal glass ware. I wanted some sugar and bit into my glass. I scared our guests sitting there with a bleeding mouth.

    The end of a thermometer was made of poisonous mercury in the old days. It looked and felt like metal. I knew metal wouldn't break so I took an small bite of the mercury end. It came out in little silver balls. Apparently, I could have died from that. Mom was very upset.

    I persevered and did it again next time I had a fever!!


    I used to eat coffeemate coffee creamer by the cupfull...


    Do you still use creamer in your coffee?

    lol.. yea I do but only the liquid flavored kind... no more power for me... the only reason I stop is because my older brothers convinced me that I would get worms...

    Chilli sauce which made me jump around for help.  Possibly it casued me to like Tabasco now.

    Eating a nice custard well i thought! when i was a baby it was my nappie (dipper) Mum was laughing and Dad "Me i had a great big "Smile.All true .


    I did not have "Chew it my Friend Lol

    I ate mayonnaise--  *barf* 

    my wired i tem whould be a tea cup i all was bring it to chiled care centure when i was 5

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