boiled water sounds different ,why?

    when you pour water into a cup when making a cup of tea and the kettle has not boiled,you quickly realise this because the sound of pouring cold water seems to make a different sound.why is this?

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    It's because the air is removed

    Try this it will blow your mind. Put ice cubes in a dish of cold chilled water then boil in the microwave. The chilled water will boil and the ice cubes will remain frozen. It's because the make up of flowing liquid and solid liquid, also hot or cold liquid is completely different. Hot water produces steam which when poured has to escape through the other water being poured, thus a different sound

    Because boiling the water changes the oxygen level in the water

    When the heat removes the air [O2] The density changes.

    Perhaps as water is heated to boiling point its specific gravity becomes lighter due to the increase in temperature, try pouring it into a cup without a teabag in, as this will also cushion the sound, how many cold cups of tea have you made, test using a teabag and cold water! Stupid


    i have never made a cold cup of tea,what i was trying to say is that i thought the kettle had boiled and started to pour and have done this more than once.thank you for your scientific explanation however you did start the sentence with perhaps so you dont know for sure.stupid.

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