how do you smash block with shells?

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    No me. I might have to take up drinking though if I stay on with this site though.
    What shells?
    It may be easier to smash shells with a block.
    What block?
    Must be me then...
    Who's smashed???
    You would welcome at my fire if you did come to OZ Colleen. That is the greatest compliment you can pay anyone, stems from the days of camp fires where you sat around drinking sweet scalding hot tea swapping yarns (stories), mostly lies. And to invite someone to your fire was the be all to end all of compliments. So pull up a log and grab the billy. (Billy is a utensil for boiling water over a fire and make tea in)xx
    Me too, I am seriously cosidering opting out. You answer a question and they either do not come back to read it or if they do, they do not have the courtesy to comment "Thanks"
    This does not apply to all but the majority fit the bill.
    The lack of information in many questions is ridiculous and you ask for more and no response.
    I am sick and tired people thinking A) we are mind readers B) the earth revolves around their country of origin and not around the sun C) either that or they are ashamed to admit what nationality they are.

    Don't you dare opt out. I know where Aussie land is.

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