should I get a pool

    I am interested in buying a house that has an inground pool. How much extra work and money is this going to require?

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    You bet your sweet _ss that it's a lot of work and expense. The chemicals you have to buy to maintain it are out of sight expensive and don't forget the time consuming daily maintenance involved with the chemicals and cleaning debris out of it (skmming). Personally, I'd only have one if I lived in Florida or somewhere with a similar climate. Then it might be worth it.

    i found your better off having a FRIEND witha pool than accuatally having your own pool

    I have a inground pool and let me tell you, it is LOTS of work to keep it

    The heating, cleaning and filtration cost anually will equal running a boat. Unless you use it several times a week it will be an expensive worry but like everything else in life, you can do it if you can flash the cash.

    I think it is going to cost you $5,000 a year to maintain the pool.

    i've owned three houses all with pools and they were worth it but my kids where small and in it every minute they could be, but they grew up and now only my dog swims in it and i think he pees in it.bad dog.

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