JOB HUNTING: What's the most important part of the interview process?

    OK, it's your dream job and the pay and benefits are outrageous.  You really want this job. So, is it you clothes, hair and makeup (women), or personal grooming (men) that is more important than the questions YOU ask or the questions that you ANSWER.  What kind of demeanor (attitude or presentation) will get you the job.  How enthusiastic are you going to be?  Or, is is something different (and this isn't an audition for the starring role in a movie, if you get my drift).

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    A good physical appearance is obvious, for women I would suggest dressing down, look professional. Sticking your tits in your prospective employers face generally doesn't work. I have always attempted to present myself as confident with a provable verifiable history. Never grovel for a job. Desperation is obvious and makes normally good people say things that they don't believe themselves. Make it a point to ask them questions in regards to their goals as a company. Why is this position now open, is it new? or was the last person an idiot. Very important, look them in the eyes when communicating, and smile, not a "colgate" smile but a friendly smile.

    I just had an interview last Friday, it went really well and I'm going to have my next ( final ) interview on October 6th. My appearance was good, didn't over dress, was neat , haircut, clean shaven and smelled good. During the interview they asked me questions and I answered them  truthfully with good eye contact. I also asked good questions about the job and about the company. Anyhow they were impressed with me as I were with them.


    Wish you all the best.

    Thank you so much Benchong, I really want this job.

    Sounds like you aced that interview and will be a perfect addition to the company! Keep us posted!

    Good luck, hope all went well for you.

    Thanks Bob and Dollybird, I will keep you posted.

    Know the job! If you have the skills and know how, let the interviewer know it. Dazzle him!


    or Her

    Exactly Nene43!

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