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    ABOUT WHAT? It is all getting quite embarrasing to watch an someone with so much to offer just blowing it all. He needs help. Not only is he not thinking of all the people he has put out of work on the show, he is just not thinking because drugs and alcohol have eaten his brain away. If he doesn't get help his next step will be 6 feet under. Very sad.

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    Charlie Sheen is confident about the way he lives. He is destroying himself, but he is really living on the edge, really living. I don't condone drugs, but I admire people that actually go out and do things that make them feel ALIVE! And that includes being on the edge of death!

    He is. just ask him

    I'm tired of hearing about Charlie every time you turn on the TV or read something, there he is! Is this all we as humans have to be concerned about? Sad, really sad.


    I have no idea what is going on with Charlie Sheen... I know his show was cancelled... Please dont fill me in. Something tells me I will be dumber for know.

    ole hipster

    Yup, your right...we need our brain cells!

    He is nothing but a Primma Donna. Because drugs have messed up his mind he thinks that people that don't agree with his opinions&views R stupid. I'll bet even his good father Martin thinks he should really get help. He acts like a f#$^g JERK!

    I'm tired of hearing about him. He needs help but he needs to be in the limelight too.

    Not just Sheen, look at Whitney Houston, now that Lady was awesome until Bobby Brown and the CRACK.
    very sad. I wish she would come back and make good music again. Charlie Sheen is just another POOR RICH kid that went nuts. Not much hope unless they wake up and go to a shrink.

    charlie sheen is the man have you seen his porno star girlfriends and at 1.8 million an episode i dont think he's worried abt money

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