How do you get the smell of cat urine out of wood

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    Most pet stores sell products for this.A product with enzymes is most effective,but be careful as it may stain the wood.Good luck!

    Sorry, but I doubt you'll be able to get the smell out of wood.  You may be able to improve it some, though.   Wood is very porous and holds onto odors once taken in and cat urine is VERY strong, as you know!

    Try white vinegar &/or white wine, let it soak. If it doesn't work, drink the wine....

    It's probably not urine. It's probably male cat spray. They do that when they're in heat. It is a terrible odor.  It's probably not on the floor. It's probably on the walls. When they spray, they lift their tails and that's the direction it goes. Get a black light and turn it on the stinky area to find out exactly where the odor is coming from. I sure don't know what you should do -- maybe sand the area down a couple of times and then put a wood covering over it.  Also look online for products. Good luck. I know you don't want to move.

    I've never had a male cat but occasionally female cats will do it even if they've been spayed. Sometimes the spay isn't done properly. (My experience)

    go on line for pet care items, they do have something  available.

    Chain cat to soiled area and put sandpaper on each paw, eventually smell along with wood will be gone.

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