What drives you crazy in bed?

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    back pains.. hip pains.. they drive me crazy. :[


    when your husband still loves to put his mouth between your legs and just start eating,lol

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    The cookie crumbs

    Headless Man

    Good answer.......

    When my German Shepherd decides to jump in.


    nasty! wtf

    It drives me crazy when my wife tells me in bed that I am the best thing that ever happened to her in bed and that I am such an handsome man with a fantastic body and then I wake up to agree with her and discover I was asleep and was dreaming lol

    my wife tossing and turning


    You are lucky, mine just lays there.


    lol id love to know what she would do if she knew you said that lol

    My wifes super firm mattress. Feels like I'm sleeping on the sidewalk.

    Whip Cream!!!

    Clothes... i feel like I am being sufacated.......I just hope my house never caughtes on fire.

    ahhhhh.... he knows who he is... and what it is he can do to me.

    Cracker crumbs

    My next door neighbors wife.

    In a negative way: creases in the sheets, especially around my feet.
    In a positive way: Kisses all over.

    Insomnia and racing thoughts drive me crazy in bed.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Not even one vote for this answer?

    a black man

    When she changes position and moves to tke my penis into her mouth

    my fat wife snooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee last 20 yrs

    Touching my fave "spot" causes an immediate satisfaction, sometimes too soon.

    miss daisy

    Don't need to be in bed. Already know the way there.

    not been able to sleep

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