Are ufo's real? Are we alone in the universe?

    Do you believe in ufo's, or have you ever saw one?

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    yess, they are real, believe me. they definitely exist.

    Some people that have claimed to see them have a mental disorder, however there have been many unexplained sightings. I personally believe that we R not alone in this universe.


    your not alone to believe you are is pure arragance there is a power within us all that can be shared by the enlighted or dormant in the blinkered to infinity and beyond can not just be dotted with none life sustaining planets and to have the power to understand so much of the wonders to not see we are just a small part of a much much bigger picture would be to throw the gift of thought and deduction in the face of the power that gave you this ability use this to expand you horizons not to restrict you vision

    thats a pretty good question but no there a diffrent galaxy's with physical creatures like aliens maybe we are not alone maybe we are maybe the big bang may  have pushed our planets away from where they used to be check are 51 see what happens maybe you will get an answer to your question

    There's something up there that many thousands of people have seen......and in other countries as well. I think it's just a little too coincidental that most of the site ings in the U.S. have been somewhat near an airforce base.

    I believe so.
    There are so many planets in the galaxy that the odds are that we're not the only place where life evolved.

    Having said that, they may be too far away for us to ever meet them (unless we learn how to utilize worm holes to travel through space...)

    are unidentified flying objects real? of course. Better yet, alien flying saucers are real too, they exist in old historical paintings, in ancient wall drawings, in historical stories, and of course.. there is the undeniable watershed of evidence to consider, that if you looked at it, it would be considered proof, not evidence. Never mind the fact the I've seen one myself, with my brother. You understand the concept of cover-up, yes? =] much love

    Most of the folks who lay claim to UFO sightings are slightly wacked it seems. However, there is that realm of possibility that WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!


    Lots of credible people have seen them even our astronauts.

    Isee it everyday from my window

    If they are, they cannot be made of solid matter. They would have to travel much faster than the speed of light which cannot be accomplished by solid matter, as far as i know. Even at the speed of light your looking at millions of light years in travel time. Even if aliens existed and could, why would they bother to waste all that time, come here, have a look around then shoot through without announcing their presence?


    a century ago, nobody thought we would have aircraft that would break the sound barrier.

    No they are not real. The only ones that ever see them are UFO enthusiest who happen to be walking or drivinig in the woods. If they were real they would have to be way more advanced then us, so they wouldn't care who seen them. They would just go to the mall and suck people up.

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