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    I'm single after 12 years of marriage and find it hard to meet women. It just seems like all the good women are taken. How do I find a good women these days.

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    Most women are looking for money. The hot ones anyway. You should have no problem finding an UGLY woman to spend your life with. There are millions of them out there.

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    Try this one:

    It is free, connects people worldwide and you can be quite specific about your search criteria.

    Good luck,

    I say the same about men. Where are they??? I know a few single ones but they are mostly crap. No wonder they are single, too. I would like arranged marriages, believe it or not. They do work out.

    Mail order a hotty from Russia!

    it's true that internet dating is big these days.. here's a couple of free internet dating sites.

    There is more I believe. Your best chances..

    Why don't you look on the internet ,everyone that I know has met their partner this way recently.

    I have friends who have met good people on the net. I have always worried about Internet contacts. Especially for women. Not so risky for men I suppose. After all when you think about it, even if you go out with someone you meet in the grocery store, you don't know them either. On the other hand, the online connection can really be deceptive at first. Be very cautious on that first meeting I would think. Churches are a good way to meet people ,but they are not guaranteed low risk either. Bars are a bid idea in my opinion. I just can't see good relationships spawming from people who hang in bars. Just me I guess.

    go to ukraine the most beautiful women in the world inside and out

    go to egypt they grow on trees /palms

    thanks everyone!

    Internet dating is a great way to go. I met my future wife online.

    Become a jihadist suicide bomber, and get 72 virgins on tap.

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