After the earthquake in Haiti why haven't we heard anything about there recovery

    How is Haiti fairing from they earthquake are roads and street being built? How about the people. H.ow are they getting along.

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    Well intentioned people donated monies and now the Haitians can't account for it. I think "Disgust" for the Haitian government turned people off. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Unfortunately American people have very short memories. Nobody is concerned with Haiti anymore because it happened quite some time ago. All eyes of the world were on the mine disaster in Chile and when the miners were rescued, that was the end of the story. The earthquake in Japan took place a month ago, so that is old news to. People R only care if the radiation from the power plant will affect them, NIMBY is alive&well. Like the other guy's that answered your question the best thing U can do is donate to the Red Cross.

    "My suggestion, give to the American Red Cross, whatever you can afford. They'll get the money and supplies and hope to the places its needed most - including Haiti."

    Is this true? You made it sound as though people have abandoned Haiti, are the Red Cross still helping?


    by do something you mean donate money? that's entirely up to me, thanks..


    YES THEY ARE!!!!! That was my point. To learn more, look up related stories in the BBC Newspaper on-line. Put in, Doctors without boarders - Haiti in the search engine and read all about it. Then counter that by checking out the International Red Cross site and read for yourself. Become educated, and then do something about it.

    Poorly. Last I heard, cholera, a water born disease, and fear of other epidemics, forced the doctors without boarder out of the country. I have not heard if they have returned. Haiti, the first free Black nation in the western hemisphere has never had the support of "White" countries. Why would we start now? Its on the back news burner because of all the other disasters and wars and insurrections.

    Oh, but heres some good news about Haiti: With the population dying at an alarming rate because of disease, starvation, poor water and the lack of shelter, whenever a major hurricane comes next, the unemployment issue will no longer be an issue because the death rate will be so great that the survivors will have plenty of jobs - morticians, construction, burning the bodies because there wont be enough cemetery space, road building, cemetery building, etc.

    My suggestion, give to the American Red Cross, whatever you can afford. They'll get the money and supplies and hope to the places its needed most - including Haiti.

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