I miss my Mom

    I miss my mom who died 3yrs ago from Cancer,We were not a family that verbalized there feeling nor did we say I love you to each other.My wife tells her Mom that all the time. I regret never learning that with my Mom. And wished she was here because I've learned that its O.K. to love,Cry, and Miss the ones you love. Don't take your family members for granet,tell them NOW how you feel. tony

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    Like your touching story, my mother was taken from us three years ago. She is greatly missed. We've learned that she was the magnet and center piece for the family. However, do bear in mind that for Christians, we have the confidence that we will again be with our loved ones - not for a generations, but forever. On top of that, we will have the joy of being in the presence of our Creator and savior. How can that be topped?

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    Today we remember and honor our Mothers and Mothers who have past on. They have moved on to another Dimension, where there is no sorrow and pain and someday we will see them again.
    May God bless all the mothers of this world.
    I miss my mum too. We had so much in common and we used to go shopping every week. We'd have lunch and laugh a lot. She passed away three years ago.

    My mother and step-father both are in the latter stages of Alzheimers. They don't recognize me at all and became fearful of me when ever I would visit, although we always had a close relationship. I stopped visiting but get weekly reports from my brother. Their not physically dead but to me they died last year. I'm not sure which is more painful, actual death or this.


    Gosh Ed I think that has to be even more painful as right now there is no closure and it still hurts very deeply and badly and I truly know how hopeless and helpless you feel and wishing with all your heart and soul there was something you could do.....i am truly sorry.......hugs from me and whisker kisses from my kitties especially my main man Oliver who is 17...... love and blessings and comfort to you.....



    I took care of my Mother for 8 yrs. She had Alzheimers.She did and said some things that made
    us laugh and cry. She would talk about the past, but could not remember the present. My Mother was the best and I miss her very much. I know she is with God
    now and I will see her again.
    ed shank

    Sorry for your loss. I don't know how you did it for eight years. There's a special place for you in heaven.
    tony, i think your mom always knew how you felt. i sure can tell. i feel for your pain so much. i feel your deep love for your mom. my kids and i don't use "i love you" for some reason it feels a little awkward for me and them.
    my mom had a massive stroke. at one point the doctor asked if i could let her go. i said, "no. no. i want to keep her alive."
    it was an unfortunate decision on my part. she lived on for 18 years. she couldn't walk, talk, feed herself, enjoy a tv show ... nothing. terrible for her and me. it would have been much better for her and me if i'd allowed the doctor to take off the machine that kept her alive.
    my husband and i have a durable power of attorney for health care. it's a good thing. it gives us the right to let the other go if an illness should render us hopeless to have any quality of life.

    i know they know.
    they know i know.
    now you know
    that we know
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    Wow, brother that's a touching story, thanks for the great advice.

    My mom was diagnosed with cancer about 3 years ago, they gave her 3 months to live and shes still kicking, but has a tumor left in her brain. She doesn't want to talk to me, because of a disagreement between my previous step dad, and myself. I have been wanting to try to talk to her lately, but don't think she want to hear from me. She has my phone number and tried to talk with her before and she declined. Honestly, I don't know what I did to offend her, but the cancer, I'm afraid the cancer is effecting her mind.

    I understand your pain and I hope that you will see her in the afterlife, where there are no tears, or sadness. I am sure I and my mom are going to heaven, so for now I can only look forward to seeing her there as well. But I will take your advice and keep trying to make amends, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope it will help more people to mend their broken relationships.

    May you do well in your future endeavors, and have peace in your life, Sincerely, Leeroy

    Ms Sinclair

    leeroy - maybe it does have something to do with the tumor, as you said. That type of thing can often affect a person's behavior. Do you think that sending her a letter (perhaps accompanied by some pretty flowers)would help?

    papa peg

    GOD willing things will get better.I'll pray for her.


    If you can't get though to her in voice, maybe you could send her a red rose and a little card that says, "I love you". That may get through to her heart. Dementia can be a difficult thing to deal's been in my family too. All the best!

    Leeroy,I am sure this is hard for you with Mothers
    day coming up.But do not be offended when she does not want to take your calls, her cancer, the tumor on
    her brain and all the medication are surely affecting
    her actions.Just visit her on Mothersday with a big
    bouqet of flowers, if she is close by. If not, send her flowers and a card and tell her you love and miss
    her. Do not give up. God bless. Ann

    Thank you all for the great suggestions and the thoughtful answers, I will try sending her a letter, though she lives with my sister about 2,300 miles away. That would cost quite a bit with gas prices the way they are.

    My sister hasn't talked to me either so I don't know if the letter would make it past her, but non the less I'll send one. I have no idea what my sisters problem is, except for the fact that she thought I was taking my brothers side in a argument.

    So thanks to all of your advice and support, I will at least try sending her a Mothers day card or letter. Thanks everybody...

    To give you an update, I asked my sisters husband, what he thought about me writing a letter and he said I should as well.
    I suddenly lost a wife whom I loved dearly, and my last words to her were not kind, so I know the guilt you feel.
    I too was from a family that didn't verbalize love, but people show their love in different ways. If you loved your mom, I'm sure she knew it, but after someone dies it is normal to wonder if we could have done something more positive.
    So yes, go ahead and cry and love those around you and they will love you back.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly do understand that. My Mom had a major stroke in 2006 and was completely invalid and could not speak coherently afterwards. I was here main caregiver. She passed away in Nov of '09 and I miss her terribly it hurts badly and I know how you feel. I know that is not enough nor does it take away your pain, but I am truly sorry. May God bless and comfort you always.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I lost my dad and never got a chance to say goodbye.

    I feel you tony. So sorry about your mom..

    Thinking of you and the others who have lost their Moms with today being Mother's Day. No doubt you will be remembering them.
    A friend taught me some words to a little song that I have needed in times of sorrow... "It's okay to cry. Crying gets the sad out of you. It's okay to cry, it might make you feel better."
    I'm sure that would hurt. Likely your Mom knew that you loved her. Now you have the privilege of showing your children that it's okay to say "I love you" and to show emotions. I came from a non demonstrative home, but have since learned how important that is. Thanks for sharing your heart-felt story and reminding us that today would be a good day to tell someone we love how much they mean to us! Thanks!

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