How are we assigned the little Icon that represents us on this site

    how are we assigned the little character that represents us on this site? I like iampamela little angel and the one guy who has the New York Giants helmet to represent him, Just asking because I would like to change mines to one that more Me. Thanks Tony

    I found out how, through your profile click on the icon and follow link to change them. Sometimes you can fiqure things out with time. Tony

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    <a href="/users/2051/tony/">@tony</a> - Thanks for liking my angel icon.

    I want to know

    Thanks, Tony, for your question AND your added comment on how you found out the answer. I'm also new at this site. I appreciate all the help I can get (& have gotten).

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    hi tony,
    i have many questions about how to use this site. i'm probably making a lot of mistakes. one of my questions is how do I change my icon ... or avatar. i'll try your way. thanks. itsmee

    I want to know

    I know how you feel. I'm fairly new to this site also.

    @ tony and <a href="/users/7189/itsmee/">@itsmee</a> - go to "faq", there you fine how to change your avatar!!!

    I picked mine out myself and uploaded it ....

    thanks Iampamela313 You gave me the Idea to change mine.Once your at the avatar web site log in and follow instructions to up load picture then apply , you have to wait 24 hrs before it will apply. is your starting point. Cya Tony hope this helps itsmee.

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