Why Is Firefox Asking Me If I Want To Save Or Open A File Every Time I Click On Anything On This Website?

    This does not always happen but more often than not, it does. This did not happen under the old format. What should I do when this happens?

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    What version of Firefox are you using?  When asking questions it is always best to give out as much info as possible. To find out what version click on help at the top and scroll down to about Firefox the version will be listed there.

    The reason Firefox asks the question do you want to save or open the file is because it is programed that way when you down loaded the internet browser. When you download something in Firefox it is best to save it to the desktop and scan the program or what ever else you downloaded prior to running the program or installing it. To change the settings left click on tools scroll down to options, on the general tab there is an option to save files to, choose that option and then browse to save the files to your desktop. After the program is downloaded to your desktop right click on the icon you downloaded and scroll down to scan with what ever antivirus program you are using and it will tell you if the file is clean.

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