will Judgement day began on May21,2011 just as family radio has predicted ?

    Familyradio has stated that May 21,2011 is Judgement day has anyone heard or care? goggle is Harold Camping correct in saying Jesus is coming back on May21,2011? and then the rapture!

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    has anyone tried to view his web site? check him out, time is running out

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    If so, then only coincidentally. Only the Father [God] knows the date of Christ's return and the subsequent time of hell on earth. One thing that seems clear, we are certainly moving in that direction.

    my mom said she and her family and the entire small nebraska town went to the top of a mountain to wait for the rapture when she was seven years old- she is 89 and in failing health. (she said they stood on that hill twice)


    Jehovahs witnesses have predicted Judgment day several times. I have never noticed it, and anyway they keep calling with their tracts, so perhaps they are correct. Just wait and see!

    Well, if it does, it's going to pose a real problem for the Mayans, who said it would happen in 2012.

    if so bend down and kiss yor arse goodby


    For the benefit of Americans- 'arse'= ass for you guys.

    I don't want to be like the noachians and scoff a Christian for sounding an alarm. But there are prophesies yet to be fulfilled along with the Bible proclamation that no one knows the day or the hour. I do believe that we are living in the last days. However, I think Camping is setting himself up along with Christianity in general, to be scoffed, when it doesn't happen as predicted.

    Its my birthday on May 21st, so maybe the show will be delayed until the 22nd.

    What a load of nonsence! Lets get on with life rather than fighting over whos imaginary friend is the best!


    i tried to delete that comment that reads "hmmmmmmm?" it would not not not delete and i tried it six times. it just didn't say much did it?

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