What is the difference between Judging and Rebuking/Reproving?

    Many times we here folks saying "Jesus said do not judge" and they are correct (Matt 7). But the bible instructs Christians to "rebuke/reprove" with all longsuffering when it comes to doctrine and the works of darkness (2Ti 4 & Eph 5). So when is one "judging" (a no no from God) and when is one "rebuking" (a commandment from God)?

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    I asked this question because I often here even Christians throw the "do not judge" commandment around when it comes to just about every comment concerning conversations of right and wrong.

    Are Christians just ignorant about the scriptures or are they willfully choosing to cherry pick the scriptures they feel comfortable with while ignoring the scriptures that cause them to accept the reality that the Word of God teaches both tolerance and intolerance depending on the subject?
    We are also called to judge ourselves that God won'nt have to judge us
    According to Stronge's Exhaustive concordance of the Bible. Judgeing in hebrew means to pronounce senence( for or against),to vindicate or punish,also to reason. In greek it means to distinguish decide,to try or condemn , punish-avenge conclude ,determine,esteem, go to law,ordain call in question,think. Repuke acording to the Greek def. 2 Tim to censure or admonish ,forbid. it can also when cocidering in what context it is used can also mean to admonish convict ,convince tell a fult repuke,reprove as with love to convice the offender that they are mistakeing in ther walk with the Lord

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