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    How do we stop people doing very bad things?

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    Please explain what the term 'Bad" means? Until it is quantified, there is no way to stop or change the actions from taking place because none of us understands what needs to be changed.

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    I am afraid there is no single answer for that question. We execute people for horrible crimes, we lock people up for decades and still there are some people who commit terrible things. My best guess would be through education and monitoring what couples should be allowed to conceive children. This is total against the American way but, we could then assure responsible, good hearted and loving couples would be raising our next generation of children. I would bet we would see a drop in crime if this could ever be implemented. Just a thought/dream though.

    First our so-called justice system needs to change drastically true crimnals seemed to be never punished to fit the crimes they commit.

    The only way to stop some people from doing bad things is to stop all people from doing any thing because what seems bad to one person, may not to some other person. So until all people agree what the term "Bad" means, then anything may be considered bad. For example, I like sugar in my coffee, but others may consider that bad. So, taken to the extreme, it means all people must be stopped from doing anything or everything until the term "bad" is quantified.

    Headless Man

    Try following the 10 commandments problem solved. If you just followed 3 thru 10 I would be happy, but GOD wouldn't be.


    You understand the reason and logic behind it. Most laws are statutary which means it only benefits business.. big business is literally behind all statutary law, because they are the onyl ones who have time to make bills of law.. while the real taxpayers and laborers work all day to support themselves.


    I don't think your God would ever be 'happy' no matter what. Life isn't about living perfectly.. it's about spiritual evolution.. and learning from life's lessons.

    We all do the best we can at the time, even criminals. The fact that some folk don't obey laws indicates that they do not know why the law exists. Ignorance and inexperience is why there are criminals, abusers, laws and scandals. Life without the need for laws is peaceful and some would say, boring. Children need rules as guideline for acceptable behavior.

    Headless Man

    NO, there are evil people in the world and rules are not for them.


    moral boundaries should be a product of learning about self.. it's not something that the 'system' and certainly the education system require from you.


    Good and evil, black and white, religion has a firm hold on you my friend. See things for what they are.

    You can't. The world that we live in is only meant as a place to learn. There will be better times beyond this life or the next, in a higher realm. Just focus on bettering yourself, spiritual meditation, and spreading divine love, and you have done your part. Raise your vibrations. Eat well, don't smoke or drink. =] much love

    Headless Man

    These are all good things to do but you're not going to vibrate yourself to Heaven.


    Yes. You will. And that's exactly how the universe works.

    Monitoring what couples should be allowed to concieve Raider??
    That's what the Nazis did . And you would judge who should have children? Like you? Maybe blonde haired arians? Maybe your parents should have been stopped having you. Ahh but that would be different wouldn't it?

    Headless Man

    I think people who have kids and can't pay for their upkeep without going on assistance should be sterilized. To many kids are suffering today and we can't afford it anymore.

    papa peg

    We could have stopped welfare many years ago.Now we worry about it when there are no jobs.

    Transformation through Bible study.



    Oh yes, the same book that was used to kill thousands of people during the crusades and witch hunts. The same book that is still being used to persecute anyone different to the point of people actually being killed because someone believes they are an abomination to God.

    Headless Man

    The bible never killed anyone stop saying it did, men killed, bible saves.

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