Is the world really going to end in 2012?

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    OK, I give up...... H3LL YEAH! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!! THESE ARE YOUR FINAL MONTHS!! GO DO WHATEVER YOU'RE GOING TO DO WITH THEM!! Make sure you make a will out and leave me everything, K? Thanks : )

    Getting a bit feisty there aren't you ms colleen?? :)

    Because all the people with a God complex, come out of the woodwork.
    no absoutly not. only god the father knows , i could quote some scripture . but im to tired . even jesus dont know , nor do the angeles. forget about any false prophits, time after time people have predicted the end, ALL were wrong. dont be deceived if any one claims to know when the world will end or make a statement like that it's nothing but a lie !!!
    Oh yeah!! You should immediately purchase property on mars..
    Go here

    They got some mars on sale right now. get yours before its too late!!

    Somebody actually owns the sun.

    I know, they bought it from me... I also have the Brooklyn bridge for sale.. I been thinking of picking up a deal on the Eiffel Tower, I think I have a prospect for that one if i can get it cheap enough..
    The world ends 27 May 2011. If you don't believe me check out
    That is the day my bus pass expires so it must be true.
    the world are not going to end in 2012. even i don't know when the world going to end. only the god know when the world going to end.
    its scary, but the sighns all seem to be movieng towards then end. nut i would rather not believe it. i suggest prayer
    YES INDED. LOL when u die...the worl is over. 2012 is just someting about maya. if u believe in God...U MUST TO KNOW..HE IS THE ONLY WHO KNOWS WHAT IF GONNA HAPPEN TO US. IF U DONT BELIEVE IN GOD...u ll be happy...cause everything about just business. enjoy your day. !

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