Truth overated?

    Is the truth over rated?

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    Absolutely not...just the opposite! For whatever reason, many people find it easier to lie than to be honest. I definitely have become more truthful as I've become older because I learned what everybody already knows...that one lie leads to another and another. When others find out that you aren't an honest person, you'll lose their trust and respect which are difficult to earn back.

    Wow, Coach great answer, one again I agree with your wisdom 100%. Sometimes people tell lies in order to avoid hurting another person, even though the intent is good, the results will usually wind up backfiring. Lies are sometimes easier to believe and if it sounds good its easier to accept.

    Truth on the other hand can be harsh or offensive, but It's always worth being straight forward with people you care about. Even though they may get up set because truth will usually strike a nerve with people, it will be better for them in the long run. If you don't know whats broken you can't fix it.


    If you're like me LR, I'm sure that you find a way to be tactfully honest to minimize any hurt feelings.

    Generally speaking, no. However, one person's truth can be another person's lies and sometimes the truth is used to deliberately hurt others.

    Absolutely not the problem is there is not enough of it.....

    no a man is only as good as his word

    If you have to rate it, its is a lie. It is unrateable for it is LOVE, not as men and the world say Love but SPIRIT ;)

    the question doesn't make sense to me..

    If you lie you had better have a bloody good memory.

    I believe that if the truth hurts..its only for a lil bit. The results last a lifetime. That's the reason we use tact...

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