can a 62 year old female sexually satisfy a 45 year old man

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    Absolutely!!!  Your lifetime of experience ( especially sexual) counts for everything.   "WOW"  him  Sister!  And have a blast, you have earned it at your stage of life.

    Sure  enough 

    i dont c y not

    Most definetly so!

    That's no challenge, Questioner User.  The trick is to see if you can satisfy an 82-year old man, cialis-less.  Now we're talking turkey, baby.



    that aint turkey baby.... thats the BEEF

    that is beef right.

    :) no, I won't comment on the "beef" guys.

    Why not?


    Please drag me off the floor with this one!!! Succinct answer is only when she wants to! I am still laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    country bumpkin

    Hey, he could be referring to you! You naughty thing! LOL

    I know a 62 years 'young' woman that is so HOTTTT and has been dating a guy in his early 20's for about 3 years now. We dated about 5 years ago and the sex was so good that some of my dreams I still have, involve this woman.

    If all three entries are functioning......................YES.

    metal face

    Hey now.

    i think an 92 year old women could do the trick.


    There goes my dream down the drain thanks.

    Men are pretty easy to satisfy sexually, for the most part.  I had a friend who began living with a woman when he was 20 and she about 45.  That was 25 years ago.  It's not much fun for him now because she is not interested in sex. Age becomes a stumbling block sometimes.

    But to answer the question, without a doubt! she could.  Whether she wants to or not is a whole other matter.  And, taking it one step further, can that 45 year old man satisfy that 62 year old babe.

    Some 45 year old men would be satisfied with a hare in a thorn


    Bit like, any port in storm.

    I hope there is Cougar Clubs, Sign me up

    metal face


    Ruff Ruff

    Yes, as long as he's blind and tied to the 4 bedposts.


    As saying goes, you dont have to look at mantle piece, when your porking the fire. Forget about looks.

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