How do I contact: Kathleen Sebeius/ Sec. of Health + Human Resources

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    I don't know but if you do, you tell her to ok a new lung for that 10 year old girl..  She is going to let this little girl die!  She said.. 'Sometimes one person must die and another lives'  In this case, the 10 year old girl will die unless she gets a lung.   This is the future of Obamacare, republicans said there would be death panels, democrats  said no.. here's your proof!  There are death panels!


    The 10 year old girl has been offered lungs but they are adult lungs and she wants a kid lung. No children donors have died yet.

    A federal judge has ruled in favor of a 10-day restraining order that blocks U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius from applying a policy that keeps children younger than 12 from being prioritized on the list for available adult lung transplants, the judge's clerk said. The move by District Court Judge Michael Baylson of Philadelphia could improve the chances for Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl with cystic fibrosis, to get a new set of lungs.
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    Thank god for the little girl, this Kathleen Sebelius was blocked from applying this 'rule'. Not sure even if I understand the rule.

    Hmm, I heard that both she and her parents were refusing the adult lungs. Then again, the media is getting everything wrong today as they rush to be the first to report.

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