how do i block a caller on a I phone 4?

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    port your current cellphone number over to Google Voice and then let Google Voice do the blocking. Your carrier would give you a new number and all you'd do is program Google Voice to ring this new number. Calls can be permanently blocked with Google Voice at the touch of a button. Also, your carrier may not like you running off to Google with you current phone number and you may incur charges when you port the number over. You'd also have a problem when dialing out from your iPhone as if you dial calls in the regular manner the other person would see your new number not you old cell number. Still this is an option to consider. It has been reported that some folks are having some trouble with Google Voice after they have ported over their numbers; missed, delayed calls and texts etc (Ha ha AT&T customers, myself included have has this BS for years) so you may want to wait a month or two until you decide to port your number over.

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