Systems of Government.

    Is the US system of government a democracy, an autocracy or a plutocracy? I am inclined to say it is a plutocracy because large amounts of money are needed in order to run for election at any level of the system.

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    I believe we still have a republic but if we don't get someone who will give the government back to the States and the people we may not for long.
    Why do we need a Government for?there only spending your money,and taken holidays at your expense,not to mention all the parties there having,and how many party is that we elect,now I'm not a politician,and I don't want to be one,cause it seem once your in it just to fill your pocket.we lost our integrity,loyalty,honesty,
    can I say anymore?
    You mean we actually have a system of government ?????: could have fooled me.

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