What does this behaviour imply?

    What kind of behaviour, if any, is implied by a court ruling that in the case of a couple ending their 9 year marriage on the basis of adultery, the mother is given full custody of 3 children - the father is given visitation on site and supervised?

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    Who committed the transgression?


    If the betrayed was the father, then a travisty. Otherwise, perhaps justice has been decided. However, a smart legal eagle could reverse this dismal ruling.

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    edi, if i could have i would have written exactly the same words that your heard from mitchell. be well.

    I think it was way more common to give the mother full physical custody to the mother and visitation to the father. But the on site and supervised tells me that something had to spur on the judge to make this decision. I hope you find what you are looking for without wasting to much time in the search. I hope you are able to spend time healing from and negative thoughts you might be entertaining. If there is little to no evidence perhaps you should let dead dogs lie and be happy for your life and well being.

    Since it is supervised visitation the father may have done something inappropriate in front of the children. Perhaps he web cams his lover and the children saw things they shouldn't, or maybe she sleeps over. The mother could bring one or many issues (may have heard the children talking about things they had seen) to the judge that could help him decide to only give the father supervised visitation, but there has to be something there.

    Thank you all for your kind words. The adulterer was my father who by accounts of neighbours was a spoiled, egocentric man. He was the male sibling and had one sister. His parents were both born in China and emmigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. I know my father had a mean streak - he was mean to me. Looking back, I never felt totally at ease around him. Only after my mother's death and my father's subsequent death have my aunts and uncles opened up to talk about my early years. I was five years old when my parents divorced. I'm searching for any indication of abuse, incest, inappropriate behaviour that might be visible to someone else. My insight is limited.

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