Atheism and Atheists

    When I think about the astounding complexity of the natural world, I wonder how Atheists can reconcile such obvious and verifiable facts with their negative views on the existence of some invisible but highly intelligent being or power.

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    Grit Savage

    If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be - a Christian.
    - Mark Twain

    Grit Savage

    thats rather sad randy, is that the best you could come up with? ;-)

    Headless Man

    If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be - an Atheists.- Randy Palmer


    A well conceived observation.


    Sorry I will try again

    A well conceived observation thachery.
    Don't let the plonkers throw you


    Have you never heard of evolution.


    your just after an arguement you trouble maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thacery

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    wow some strong answers here. this is good to see.

    extra terrestrial beings are atheists as well. God is not a being, it is the mind/energy of the universe. If you want to know God, look in to yourself, realize yourself, raise your vibrational energy through meditation, and ascend all negative thoughts. light and sound are directly linked, it's a proven fact.. our light bodies are always with us, but when we vibrate on lower frequencies, we have no awareness of it, or no true awareness of the world around us. We become lonely and afraid. Raise your vibrational energy and live with love! it heals the world. It's provable, just focus on the experience for now, not the theory =] much love

    If your an atheists understand this; Hebrews 11; 1-3 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good report. 3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.


    Thank you Austin
    I like it but I think you need a little editing


    (1) all the available evidence used to support the view that X exists is shown to be inadequate; and

    (2) X is the sort of entity that, if X exists, then there is a presumption that would be evidence adequate to support the view that X exists; and

    (3) this presumption has not been defeated although serious efforts have been made to do so; and

    (4) the area where evidence would appear, if there were any, has been comprehensively examined; and

    (5) there are no acceptable beneficial reasons to believe that X exists

    It’s very simple for me. There is no empirical data to substantiated the existence of a supreme being. Hence, the concept of “Faith” by those who do believe. Faith in this form is a belief in an afterlife which stems from the Faithfull’s inability to cope with the reality that this one life is all we have and all we get. Thanks, Steve


    You have not done any serious research to come up with that losers answer

    13 billion years ago BIG BANG 4.5 billion years ago solar system formed.. 2000yrs ago this mad quy suddenly appeared from the sky,,, i dont think so..

    Grit Savage

    Nice and condensed, well put ;-)

    Grit Savage

    could you please state which "known" universal laws you are referring too. :-)


    You may want to study science a little, its against our known universal laws that out of disorder comes order, you don't throw a stick of dynamite into a paper factory and wind up with a magazine?

    Out of order comes disorder, to believe that an explosion caused any organized thing is simply unscientific.


    I agree with this person 10000000 %

    Understanding the actual science of our natural world, you'll be much more amazed, humbled and awe-struck at what has evolved NATURALLY than you would reading the creation story in Genesis. "God Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It" is a pale comparison to the majestic story of how evolution and natural selection account for everything you see around you. Read Richard Dawkin's "The Greatest Show on Earth", recently published with a person like you in mind as a reader...don't go spread babble that you read in a Bronze Age, learn and improve yourself.

    Atheists, if you see a 1,000 year old building, no one knows who built it but it is beautiful non the less. Does this mean there is no architect? You can't prove someone built the house, but It's still there and someone had to design it seeing how complex it looks. The balance of life on our planet is so delicate and complex, there is no possible way that it just happened by random chance.

    Intelligent design or a seeded theory is much more realistic. People on this site call evolution a fact, you are deceived, it is a scientific theory, there is only opinion, and speculation. Scientists who don't believe in god or God continue changing the theory all the time.

    Many scientists, some that I have had the pleasure of knowing, well respected in their fields, know that intelligent design is the most likely conclusion. Maybe the only reason you are accepting this is because you want to.


    Read Richard Dawkin's "The Greatest Show on Earth". Nothing happened by random chance and no one has ever suggested such. all grew up together, interconnected, one biosphere. Read what cutting edge science is saying before you go the lazy route and say 'God did it all'. That is NOT an answer

    Well I base my belief on reading my bible and it is my right to do so and I will continue to do so. I had much rather believe and trust in God than all other theories.

    "He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he that dares not reason is a slave."

    Headless Man

    Good quote, Let me try: Proverbs 1:22
    “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Love, Randy

    some people still believe in Santa Claus, the trick is create the illusion, then sell it to the world,a good hypnotist could convince susceptible minds that the earth is flat.


    Or... Do you fear the unknown? Then come, believe in GOD!

    Headless Man

    Proverbs 1:7
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    Whether God exists or does not exist the atheist is a loser both ways.
    If there is no God there is no resurrection for anybody
    If there is a God there is still no resurrection for the atheist.
    Its a lose lose position.

    Now I am well informed about the Pseudo science of evolution.
    We call it 'Fairy stories for Adults'
    No missing link has ever been found.
    It talks about the survival of the fittest by not the arrival.
    Mutations are a biological disaster fit only for comic books
    It does not explain where the marriage arrangement came from common only to humans
    It does not explain why biblical archeology has produced artifacts right back to early Genesis


    It's painful to read what you've written. Please become more informed with actual facts. Biblical archeology is a failed discipline...READ: Bart D. Ehrman "Misquoting Jesus", "Lost Christianities" and others which reveal modern biblical study and scholarship. For the biology read: Richard Dawkins "Greatest Show on Earth" obviously write from ignorance and it hurts to read your arrogance even down to your nickname. Try to improve yourself.

    Atheists come, atheists go - God remains.

    Atheists have a GOD given right to believe what they want.I am a christian and i have a right to believe what i want.Atheists are just mad because their money has GODS name on it

    Headless Man

    LOL yes that must be HIS first name.........


    You pays you money you takes your choice.
    You takes the wrong choice you pays the price




    God has a name? What is it?

    A question for an athiest!
    Do you believe that when you stand your legs wil hold you and you will walk?
    The truth is that HE gave you legs and you? HAVE FAITH IN THEM THAT THEY WILL WORK.
    You must do or you would not. THink about it!! IS THIS NOT FAITH IN HIM?
    The same for hands and arms as well
    Do you have faith that you will breathe

    THAT'S WHO!!**


    cogito ergo sum

    where is your data to prove this?

    An opened mind is a fertile mind, capable of understanding; for to understand is to Belive; not to believe is not to understand. For one cannot say they don't believe a thong thy don't understand without becoming a hyprocrite; nor say they believe a thing they don't understand, without declaring their ignorance and hypocricy.

    May "Good" be a blessing is most excellent. :) God bless you for sharing. ;)

    . . . God outside and separate from men.

    Actually or in most cases, there is no such thing as an atheist, only resistence to the fundamentalistic idea of an anthropomorphic being (God in the shape of a man). Any one who understands and believe in the reality of Love and Peace belive in the Son and the Father, whether they express it in those terms or not, they are the Good Men. True Atheism would be a horror, a man who does not know the truth of himself.

    I don't believe in god n i tell you right now i wont be changing my mind on my deathbed,that i promise you that !!!!


    So sad.....


    God will accept that as your answer.
    The rest of you please be careful what you wish for.
    Gos is not one to be mocked. " Whatever a man is sowing this he will also reap."

    i thank god that i am a aithiest every day!!!!

    to paraphrase albert einstein: the belief in a biblical god is equivalent to the wishful thinking of an 8 yr, old.

    Headless Man

    "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details" also an albert einstein quoit he must have bee 3 when he made the other.

    The bible is a compilation of books written by men; don't take my word for it, look up Council of Niceae. That doesn't mean god isn't real, just that our perception of god is very childish. Everyone on Earth is a young soul. God is the universal superconsciousness, we are all a part of it. Instinctively our souls know this but our conscious mind has trouble remembering while we live in a physiscal body in the physical world. The whole point of being here is to learn and grow up. Extraterrestrials aren't necessarily athiests, just in a different grade of school, Earth is full of kindergarden and grade schoolers. Personally, I'm hoping to graduate to high school in my next life, this planet sucks - too many preschooler religious fanatics.

    Prove to me that there is a god. (you cannot),but it is easy to prove there is not a god.

    Headless Man

    OK, prove it........

    Headless Man

    I'm waiting........

    It is my feeling that nobody is atheist.I think that people who proclaim to be atheist do so
    in reaction to all the stupid nonsenses the religionists feed the masses in order to prevent them to think for themselves and to get power and control over them.

    Below is a quote from an ebook I have, which clearly corroborates that:

    ... Amazingly, you have created this same contradiction around God. Everything your heart
    experiences about God tells you that God is good. Everything your teachers teach you about
    God tells you God is bad. Your heart tells you God is to be loved without fear. Your teachers
    tell you God is to be feared, for He is a vengeful God. You are to live in fear of God’s wrath,
    they say. You are to tremble in His presence. Your whole life through you are to fear the
    judgment of the Lord. For the Lord is “just,” you are told. And God knows, you will be in
    trouble when you confront the terrible justice of the Lord. You are, therefore, to be “obedient”
    to God’s commands. Or else.
    Above all, you are not to ask such logical questions as, “if God wanted strict obedience to His
    Laws, why did He create the possibility of those Laws being violated?” Ah, your teachers tell
    you—because God wanted you to have “free choice.” Yet what kind of choice is free when to
    choose one thing over the other brings condemnation? How is “free will” free when it is not
    your will, but someone else’s, which must be done? Those who teach you this would make a
    hypocrite of God.

    If anyone wants a free copy of this ebook,please let me know and I will send it to you as soon
    as possible.

    im an aithiest and tbh wiv ya the only reason i am is cos i dont care if there is or there isnt just live with it and if i go to hell then i do, i dont rlly care

    Headless Man

    You will care on your death bed........


    the undertaker

    The Holy Bible as God's Word: Old and New Testaments are scraps of manuscripts written for people of the Bronze Age. They addressed core issues for those people: gored oxen, selling daughters into slavery, stoning enemies and other fine points of religious law. The writers had no notion they would be read and mis-translated and mis-quoted 2-thousand years later! PLEASE read some good solid biblical research and learn the ACTUAL history of The Bible...start with any book by Bart D. Ehrman, eg "Misquoting Jesus" or "Lost Christianities" and actually LEARN about your religion's history!


    Randy, The Bible IS a book by three thousand years ago, writing in their own time for their own people. Why is there no mention, anywhere in the bible, of Germ Theory...a commandment like "Thou Shalt Wash Thine Hands Before Eating or Performing Surgery" would have saved millions of lives through the centuries....BUT NO it is full of stuff like killing your misbehaving children and not mixing fibers in your clothing. You believe in the bible...all of it? The stoning and how to treat slaves? Or do you pick and choose among God's "Words"...but that would sub your judgment for God's!

    Headless Man

    Books by men will not change my life like the BIBLE has, sorry no sale. Love, Randy

    Christians are atheists with regard to thousands of gods: Allah, Buddah, Baal, Krishna, Vishnu and all the rest thru KNOW with all your heart those other gods are 'false'. All we Free Thinking Atheists ask is that you take the final step and banish that one, last 'god' from your life and dare to think freely

    You Christians are atheists with regard to thousands of gods: Allah, Buddah, Baal, Krishna, Vishnu and all the rest thru history...all we Free Thinking Atheists ask is that you take the final step and banish that one, last 'god' from your life and dare to think freely!

    Why is religion something that has to be debated rather than each person selecting what is right for them. My only objection to religion is when they attempt to use government to enforce their beliefs. I am a believer but not in any specific religion...I have just never received an adequate reply from athiests to my one questions...where did my unique conscientiousness come from?


    Is your Mind really Open???I wonder!!

    Headless Man

    Not hard to wonder and belief together. Every day I wonder how GOD forgave me, I wonder about HIS amazing grace, I wonder how HE answered my prayer, I wonder how saved my soul, all these will be answered when I see HIM. Love, Randy


    An astute point Alex. But, true servants of the living God never involve themselves in Politics. Perhaps you should widen you search!


    I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by a BELIEF


    yes! infinite The first thing needed for innovation is a fascination with wonder,”

    who cares it is all bullshit anyway


    seems like a knobbhead clone has turned up

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