Do you think that Turkey is shooting itself in the leg by announcing sanctions on Israel?

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    It wll be interesting to see how the US responds.  We highly value Turkish air space; siding with Israel could create problems for US.   


    Everything creates problems for the US.. I am all for turning a blind eye... If we help we are hated, if we don't help we are hated..

    That's what happened when the Turks invaded Armenia nearly 100 years ago. US looked the other way. Have to pick your battles. It would be nice if we could help everyone who needs it, but that's unrealistic. I believe we need to take care of our resources (and I am talking military personnel here... too many dying...I'm forgetting WHY).
    You're right, US is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't. Don't get me started!!!!

    I'm a little biased about Turkey.  Being of Armenian heritage, I have relatives who remember the holocaust in Armenia, lived through it, or were slaughtered.

    Recently I saw an article in our newspaper where the prez of Turkey was thinking about "evicting" al the "illegals" in Turkey.  His comment was that he would simply tell them to pack their stuff and get across a border. 

    That initially made me laugh caustically, but, on reflection, it scares the hell out of me (and that is really scary)

    Isolated is a red flag.  Who knows what is being planned in the isolated cabin in the Montana mountains.  (no offense to Montana).  Need to keep up with what's going on with everyone, especially those who are not allies.  Who was it said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer?


    It was Michael Corleone in Godafather 3.

    Turkey is becoming more and more radical with Arduan as it's leader. We all know what happens to radical Muslim countries: They become isolated.

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